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Project Description
This is an HUNGARIAN trainer portal with full source.
This project's purpose is to introduce the ASP.NET 2.0's and AJAX's (Ajax Extensions, and Ajax Control Toolkit too) new features in a working system.
The portal source code's style is educational, and I tried to write sample code,
and I tried to give more alternative for same tasks.
The most important thing is it working with SQL Server 2000 and 2005 too!!!

You can easy learn how to use:
- Themes, Skins, Master Page
- AnonymousIdentification, Profile
- ADO.NET 2.0 new feauteres (SourceControls, GridView, FormView...)
- Master/Details Connection
- Session, Cache, Application
- Read/Write from/to files
- Webparts
- Users Input Validation
- Login Controls
- User Controls
- Custom Error Handling
- Custom SiteMapProvider
- Ajax (UpdatePanel, ScriptManager)
- Ajax Control Toolkit for example: accordion, validatorcallout, rating , collapsiblepanel, autocomplete, ...

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